The club in its present form dates from the early eighties, but there has been an active model engineering club in Llanelli since the thirties.

We now have some 65 plus, members derived from all walks of life, as well as many country members from around the UK, some members have engineering skills from their working past, but most have no formal training, and many are self-taught, but they all share a passion for steam engines in some form.

The ground level 5″ and 7¼″ gauge railway track (1220m) and the Richard Sourbutts Junction, where our signal box is located have been completed. Other than where professional roofing and electrical work was needed, the work was done mainly by the members and funded by our paying passenger service (our only funding source).

There is always a plan in the pipeline, so there is rarely a dull moment, but the maintenance of the railway and its’ rolling stock is on-going and is one of the most important aspects of the club.

In order to protect the liability of the members LDME plc is now a registered company (No 03562223 reg May 1998), and in March 2012 members took the decision to became a registered charity (No 1146472)

We remain a company but are now run by the charity Trustees.

The Trustees, of which there are currently nine, manage the business of, and may exercise all the powers of, the charity. i.e. take decisions, manage finances etc. and are required to be re-elected every three years, whilst the Officers are elected annually by the Trustees at the first trustee meeting after the AGM.

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